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Homo Sapiens. 219 moons old. Of the female disambiguation.
I am Sam.
I blog, therefore I am.
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kids don’t worry about rejection!!! carey mulligan didn’t get into drama school!!! jk rowling got turned down by 12 publishers!!!! destiny’s child got rejected so many times!! leo still aint got an oscar!!! michael jordan got cut from his high school team!!! ophrah winfrey got fired from her first tv reporter job because she was thought to be “unfit for tv”!!! it’s all cool sometimes rejection happens dont let it stop u doing ure thing 

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my blog is great but have u seen my ass

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Sprout Pencil: Flower Pack

Sprout is a pencil that can be upcycled to a plant, enabling it to be used without waste. Handmade in the USA with sustainably-harvested cedar. Currently on sale at Amazon!


I have a back yard now. 

I have an EXCUSE. 

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TV show producer:Okay so hear me out. Let's do a show starring VEGETABLES, but...they're CHRISTIANS.
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